Easy crocheted child's poncho

Blue poncho Ponchos are fast and easy, and you don't have the hassle of sizing :-). This one is really fast to make, and the crochet fabric is thick and cozy. It's completely reversible, the springy texture of the yarn doesn't show much else, we can hardly tell one side from the other.

Level of difficulty



Child 3 (6, 9)



On Back and Front Loop Half Double Crochet, 10 ½ st = 4" (10cm). Row gauge 1 row = 1"!! (wondered why it's so fast??)

Stitches used

Stitch detail


Poncho strips (Make 2)

Chain 24 (28, 32) stitches
All work is done in back and front loop half double crochet: Multiple of 2 stitches. (add 1 for base chain)
Foundation Row.Skip 2 ch, (count as 1hdc), 1hdc into next and each ch to end, turn.
Pattern row: 2 ch (count as 1hdc), skip 1 stitch, *1 hdc into back loop only of next stitch, 1 hdc into front loop only of the next stitch, repeat from *, ending 1 hdc into top of turning chain, turn.
Repeat pattern row until piece measures 22" [25, 28] from beginning. Fasten off.


Poncho diagram

Place marker on long side of first piece, 11" [12 1/2, 15] from one end. Slip stich strips or sew together as shown in diagram (matching A to A and B to B).
Weave in ends with yarn needle.


First published: 6 oct 04

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