Knitted peace sign

Knitted peace sign You think old knitting fogeys are crazy when they keep muttering about how Barbara Walker has all the patterns you ever need in your life... Yet here is an (unfortunately) completely current design from her 'Charted Knitting Designs', published in 1972.

Chart The larger version of this chart should print nicely for your knitting bag.

Here is a reminder of the relevant symbols:

Our pink chenille version Make a scarf, put it on a sweater, carry a large version in marches... We used lipstick pink chenille to make our bit of pink scarf for Code Pink. The Women's Peace Vigil held in front of the White House since November 17, 2002 culminated on March 8, 2003 International Women's Day, in a massive Peace March. On that day we surrounded the White House and encircled it with a long pink scarf, created from pieces made by women throughout the nation.

First published: 24 feb 03

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